Acquaintances first. Friends for-always. could we be Business partners too?


We met, what seems like a lifetime ago. Before weddings, husbands and babies, job changes, and life, just doin' it's thing.

yet our greatest hope for this next grand adventure of ours is to be a part of the beginning of yours.

The foundation of hive events is one built on trust and friendship. 

with each other, with our fellow industry partners, and foremost- our clients.

We strive for authenticity in our every-move and aim to create events that distinctly represent our one-of-a-kind clientele. 



I’m a casual gal so you can usually find me kicking around in flip flops and a t-shirt, chasing after my little man, Waylon. I’m obsessed with knowing song lyrics perfectly and i attempt to take naps-even though I usually end up reading a book or rearranging my furniture.

I love to cook new recipes for my guys or bake my Grandma’s carrot-zucchini muffins and I’m a sucker for comfort food like my Mom’s Thanksgiving stuffing and i will always say 'Yes' to a glass of wine.   

my sociology and art history degrees from ucsb are probably why I love a good research project and why when trying to create a design it's always about telling a story.

Also-I like cats. 




I love organized chaos...that's why I am constantly making lists for EVERYTHING and why I have to have a great paper planner {or two} with me at all times.

When my one year old daughter lets me put her down, I enjoy cooking delicious and healthy meals for dinner, hosting get-togethers, or cozying up with a good book and a hot cup of coffee.

Hiking and working on our property in Montana is an annual tradition with family and friends that makes my heart full and is always an adventure!

Country music is my jam-we taught our wedding guests a line dance and it was pretty perfect.



Here at Hive Events, we like to think of ourselves as messengers of love and merriment....just like the busy bee. 

For five million years, this humble, fuzzy insect has been recognized as a symbol for the human soul, industry, creativity, and cooperation; the same core values Hive Events takes to the heart of each and every event we are privileged to become a part of. 

Just like those bees, buzzing from flower to flower and returning home to the beehive to produce the sweetest honey-we plan to do the same for you and your special occasion. 

We've spent years building connections with some pretty incredible worker bees about town-from caterers & rentals, photographers, AND floral designers, so we are equipped to assemble the very best team for you!