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I have worked at The Fess Parker for over 10 years and have seen the good, bad and ugly of wedding coordinators, so I can say with confidence that Teal and Sloane were great to work with. Our client was a destination bride and...Hive Events was great at setting up meetings with myself and the client, and reviewing the details and getting back to me with accurate updates as everything fell into place.

...I look forward to working with Hive Events in the future. They seemed fully engaged with the client and vendors and conducted themselves in a professional and presentable manner.
— Paige | Senior Catering Manager//Fess Parker
Working with Hive Events was a wonderfully relaxing pleasure. Both Teal and Sloane were so easy to talk with, so open to our ideas, and so creative. I was particularly impressed by how they presented their ideas and wove them together with ours. Truly they are artists. I commend them both on their imaginations, on their ability to work together, and upon the ease I felt working with them. They did a magnificent job with our New Year’s Eve Party with over 150 guests attending. They helped us plan, worked with our ideas that were workable and tactfully pointed out the difficulties with our ideas that didn’t work. They coordinated the ordering and handled the deliveries. They were intimately involved with set up and they were there to greet our guests. The entire evening — no worries, no anxieties, no mishaps — was a joy. We will definitely work with Hive Events in the future and we highly recommend them for your events.
— E.D.//Santa Barbara, CA
The process of having a wedding is full of decisions, choosing to work with Teal at Hive Events was one of the best decisions we made. We hired Teal for “Month-Of” service and couldn’t be more thankful for all the advice and support she provided us throughout the entire process. From the day we called her she was available to us, quick to respond via email, text and phone calls. She was honest and knowledgeable about many of the local vendors, and was also supportive and helpful in reviewing vendors she was less familiar with. When she stepped in full time weeks before the wedding she was able take on many of the details and stresses that came as the event approached, working as a great communicator between us and our vendors. As a team, Hive Events made the day of our wedding feel seamless. Teal was very accommodating to the details that were most important to us as bride and groom, allowing us to truly enjoy our special day. We were very thankful she took great care to insure that our deposits were fully reimbursed, with oversight of the vendors and quick and efficient clean up. It was a pleasure to work with her and highly recommend Teal and Hive Events to anyone!
— H + T//3.13.15
The ladies of Hive Events, Sloane & Teal, are nothing short of amazing! They did the “Month-Of” Coordination of our Wedding...Even before the month of our wedding started, they would check in regularly to see how our planning was progressing and if there was any thing they could do to help offer recommendations or advice...they seamlessly took over the communication and confirmations with all of our vendors, making sure we hadn’t missed any details along the way. The amount of planning, lists, schedules, detail and follow up they offer is impressive and needed when planning a wedding. We could not have had such a perfect day without them! Sloane and Teal work incredibly well together as a team, and they are very knowledgeable of the needs for both planning and execution of the Ceremony and Reception..they are a very easy to get along with tag-team duo extraordinaire....Our wedding day was perfect and we know Hive Events helped to make that happen for us!
— K + C//3.14.15
Teal, at Hive Events, just gets it. Her ability to put you at ease, ask the important questions, and take the reins will make you wish she was directing your life, not just your wedding. She has the soft touch and precise delivery needed in events. Emotions are high, stress levels are up, there are a lot of moving parts - and yet, once she stepped into the scene I felt immediate relief. We used Hive Events as a ‘Day of Planner’ which means that she was full time, 1 month leading up to the event. In reality she was there from the moment we spoke to her, offering us advice on who to reach out to regarding anything and everything. In the end, each and every single vendor we went with blew us away. It was clear that Hive Events’ expertise in the Santa Barbara area was on point. Teal not only listened and understood what we needed, but clearly surrounds herself with some of the best in the business. I would highly recommend Hive Events to anyone - Those who know what they want for their wedding, those who don’t, and those who think they do. Chances are, you are two of those at the same time and in no particular order.
— L + M//5.24.15
Hive Events helped make my wedding amazing, seamless and easy. They took care of everything in the last weeks leading up to the event and made sure everything that was planned was executed perfectly. I didn’t have to think for a second about anything else except for what the day was- a celebration of being in it together with the love of my life. When Teal made me a plate of food for dinner, put it on a table for me to eat, and made sure I did... That was the icing on the cake!
— A + J//9.28.13
Both Teal and Sloane have a passion for creating events that run smoothly by organizing their clients and team of event professionals, such that everyone shares a common goal of a beautiful, fun, and relaxed event.
— Steve | Owner//Country Catering Company
I highly recommend Hive Events. It’s a young company, but Sloane and Teal are totally professional and clearly well experienced. They work together in beautiful harmony and are confident and assured in what they know and in what they can accomplish to make your party not only successful but memorable. Because they are confident, they are more than willing to listen to your ideas, your hopes, and your images of what you want to create. They will help you create your dream, and they will help you navigate the complexities. End result: A fabulous event. They coordinate a very large party for me a year ago: Invitations, Communications, Decorations, Catering, Coordinations of all the subcontractors. They did a stellar job, and I am still receiving compliments. They are inventive, creative, and innovative and yet very cost conscious. I admire their integrity as well as the beauty of their work. I strongly recommend them and have done so with many friends.
— J.P//Santa Barbara, CA